Real World Economics

Kick-starting the new economy on your doorstep

It’s the end of ‘business as usual’. The time has come to weave together a new social reality in alignment with our values, and to create an economic system that benefits us all – a system that breaks through the false dilemma of austerity and consumption.

Based on the Human Scale Development framework of Chilean economist Manfred Max-Neef, as well as our experience in ‘green’ entrepreneurship and local economics, social permaculture, ABCD, Transition and REconomy, facilitation and improv, this workshop offers the chance to come together and dive deeply into the challenges we are facing and gain a new perspective on what is possible.

Over the two days of the course, we will explore a new approach to creating local economic change based on real life needs, increasing wellbeing, and taking effective action led by community groups. It includes practical tools to engage your community, thought provoking presentations, group discussions and fun interactive exercises that will equip you to be an effective change-maker in your community.

This workshop is designed for community activists and organisers, policy makers, development workers, advocates for the ‘new economy’ – who else?  Anyone interested in sparking community-led change.

You will learn:

  • Models that integrate economics, ecology and wellbeing
  • How concepts like ‘Gift culture’ and ‘Re-localisation’ fit into a new economic paradigm
  • Ways to incorporate the concept of ‘Fundamental Human Needs’ into project design
  • Useful ways to identify how well local needs are being met and the local assets available to put to use
  • Mapping techniques to engage community and build networks
  • A new language with which you can create new narratives for leading change
  • A range of practical tools and methodologies for catalysing local innovation and enterprise


“Our focus has always been the wellbeing of our community. With this training we have acquired practical guidelines for meeting people’s fundamental needs as well as the tools to create successful projects.” Maria K., Spain


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