Wellbeing and The New Economy

Re-discovering a values-led economics based on fundamental human needs

There’s lots of talk about happiness and wellbeing at the moment. But what do these words mean and who decides? More importantly, can these ideas propel community-led economic regeneration forward?

This workshop is designed to get you thinking and doing, to equip you with new tools for engaging and activating your own community.

An introduction to the work of ‘barefoot economist’ Manfred Max-Neef’s model of Human Scale Development (HSD), this workshop explores its uses as a tool for economic and social regeneration. It is aimed at community groups, educators, policymakers and anyone with a desire to create effective solutions to some of our most pressing social and ecological issues.

Through interactive exercises and group discussions we will explore:

  • The relationship between economics and wellbeing
  • How our economic assumptions effect our actions and what we believe is possible
  • How a new language and a new story can facilitate empowerment and action
  • What processes or activities make it easier to change behaviour
  • How to apply the principles of HSD to community projects

Gain a deeper understanding of what motivates people’s decisions, a fresh perspective on your community’s potential and your valuable role within it and a new language with which to communicate the value of your work.


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